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Update: New Data Shows That Mortgage Interest Deduction Claims Still Vary Widely Across States


In April 2013, Pew released The Geographic Distribution of the Mortgage Interest Deduction using IRS data from 2010 (for state level analysis) and 2007 (for zip code level analysis). The analysis showed that the claim rates and average amounts of this deduction — one of the largest single tax expenditures in the U.S. tax code — vary widely across and within states. The interactive and two of the state maps have been updated using recently published IRS state data for 2011.   

States with the highest claim rates and average deduction amounts continue to be largely concentrated along parts of the East Coast and in parts of the West, while those with the lowest rates and average amounts generally were in the South and the middle of the country.  In fact, the states with the 10 highest claim rates and those with the 10 highest deduction amounts did not change from 2010 to 2011. 

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Infographic: The Geographic Distribution of Mortgage Interest Deduction

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