Giancarlo V. De Ferrari, Ph.D.


Giancarlo V. De Ferrari, Ph.D.
Giancarlo De Ferrari
Center for Biomedical Research
Andres Bello University
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Randall T. Moon, Ph.D.


Giancarlo De Ferrari was a 2002 Pew Latin American Fellow and Professor at Universidad Andrés Bello in Chile until his death in 2022. Ferrari’s research focused on Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a progressive neurodegenerative disorder paralleled by selective neuronal death, which is probably caused by the deposition and neurotoxicity of the amyloid β-peptide (Aβ). He and others observed that Aβ neurotoxicity induced loss of function of Wnt signaling components and that activation of this signaling cascade protected post-mitotic neurons from Aβ neurotoxicity. His lab was interested in understanding the molecular mechanism by which Wnt signaling is lost in cells undergoing Aβ -dependent degeneration. His research involved integrating basic biological processes of cells exposed to cytotoxic insults, and may offer alternative therapeutic approaches to prevent or treat neurodegenerative diseases.

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