Susannah Rankin, Ph.D.

Susannah Rankin
Associate Member
Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
825 NE 13th Street
City, State, ZIP
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
(405) 271-8190
[email protected]
Research field
Molecular Biology
Award year


Newly replicated copies of individual chromosomes are held together from the time they are made until cell division by a protein complex called cohesin. This sister chromatid cohesion is essential for accurate chromosome segregation, DNA repair, and normal development. Aberrant cohesion is implicated in tumorigenesis, chromosome instability, and certain severe developmental disorders. We are interested in the mechanism of sister chromatid cohesion and how it is integrated with DNA replication and controlled by the cell cycle machinery. We use a combination of experimental systems, including cell culture, frog egg extracts, and microscopy, to address fundamental questions about the cohesin complex and its regulators. In addition, we use budding yeast to study disease-associated alleles of cohesion factor genes. With our work we hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of this fundamental cellular process and how it ensures maintenance of genome integrity.

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