Mark Van N. Erdmann, Ph.D.


Mark Van N. Erdmann, Ph.D.
Vice President
Conservation International
[email protected]
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Mark Erdmann is vice president of Asia-Pacific Marine Programs at Conservation International (CI), with a primary focus on providing strategic guidance and technical and fundraising support to CI’s marine programs in the region. Erdmann’s Pew fellowship was designed to enhance marine conservation education and training for Indonesian schoolchildren, members of the media, and the law enforcement community. Though it was a success, his work is now largely focused on the management of marine protected areas, and his continuing research interests include reef fish and mantis shrimp taxonomy and biodiversity, satellite and acoustic telemetry of endangered elasmobranchs, and genetic connectivity in marine protected area networks. Erdmann’s Pew fellowship resulted in the Bunaken National Park Marine environmental education center, the Bintang Laut (“Sea Star”) environmental education nongovernmental organization, the MV Kalabia (a floating marine conservation classroom), and the annual “Lestari Awards” to recognize outstanding marine conservation efforts of journalist and law enforcement officials in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. In addition, he worked to institutionalize these programs through administrative design and over $1 million of leveraged funding. Finally, his work impacted policy and management decisions, contributing to expanded marine protected areas in Raja Ampat and the Papuan Bird’s Head Seascape. To learn more about Erdmann, visit his bio online.

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