Claudio Campagna, Ph.D.


Claudio Campagna is the strategic lead on ocean protection at the Wildlife Conservation Society in Argentina. Campagna used his Pew fellowship to expand, strengthen, and publicize a project he began in 2001 called Sea & Sky (Mar y Cielo). Sea & Sky is working to establish a protected “park” in the Patagonian Large Marine Ecosystem (PLME). Covering an area two-thirds the size of Argentina itself, the PLME extends from one of the world’s most productive continental shelves to deep seas hundreds of miles from shore. These waters support resident top predators and seasonal migrants coming from as far as Antarctica, South Georgia, and New Zealand. The PLME’s breeding and feeding aggregations of albatrosses, penguins, whales, sea lions, and seals constitute one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth. Yet this marine area suffers from overfishing, pollution, coastal degradation, loss of habitat, and depleted populations of marine animals. Campagna’s efforts have strengthened Sea & Sky’s scientific groundwork, increased collaboration among stakeholders, developed a strategy to communicate the vision of the program, and taken steps to ensure its sustainability by creating an international alliance. To learn more about Campagna, visit his bio online.

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