Americans' quest for "a more perfect union" starts with safe, healthy communities. Developing policies that are firmly grounded in facts and research is critical to building a vibrant civic life.  Strong communities also require an understanding of our country’s history and immigration trends, participation in arts and culture, and concern for those who need a helping hand. These endeavors—all part of Pew’s mission—shape our national character, bring us together as a people, and help assure that our communities thrive.

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  • A Golden Era for Philadelphia Tourism

    • Opinion

    What do Pope Francis, singer and human rights advocate Bono, and both the Republican and Democratic national committees have in common? In the last two decades, they chose Philadelphia as the best place to advance their values and mission. And the audience was worldwide. Read More

  • 3 Demographic Trends Changing Our World

    • Analysis

    “Our challenges are increasingly international in scope,” Susan Urahn, executive vice president and chief program officer of The Pew Charitable Trusts, said at a July 12 panel discussion on global demographic trends at Pew’s Washington office. Read More

  • Who’s Moving Within Philadelphia

    Philadelphia’s recent population growth has policymakers looking at who is moving into the city and who is leaving. Our latest brief, “A Portrait of Philadelphia Migration,” sheds light on this topic, showing that college graduates and non-Hispanic whites were overrepresented among both new arrivals and those departing the city, compared with their presence in Philadelphia as a... Read More