Americans' quest for "a more perfect union" starts with safe, healthy communities. Developing policies that are firmly grounded in facts and research is critical to building a vibrant civic life.  Strong communities also require an understanding of our country’s history and immigration trends, participation in arts and culture, and concern for those who need a helping hand. These endeavors—all part of Pew’s mission—shape our national character, bring us together as a people, and help assure that our communities thrive.

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  • Who Struggles Most to Repay Student Loans?

    In January 2018, The Pew Charitable Trusts launched the project on student borrower success, a four-year initiative to promote successful repayment of student debt, especially among those borrowers at greatest risk for delinquency and default. This piece is the second in a three-part series reviewing an October 2016 series of expert discussions, hosted by Pew, on the state of student loans in... Read More

  • What Role Does Postsecondary Education Play in Veterans Economic Opportunity?

    The Pew Charitable Trusts held a briefing on Capitol Hill on Nov. 13, 2017, to explore how postsecondary education affects the short-term opportunity and long-term economic mobility of military veterans and their families. The discussion highlighted a range of perspectives on the GI Bill; veterans’ access to education benefits; and their student debt. Read More

  • Needed: A New Federal-State Partnership for Flood Mitigation

    Flooding is the most costly and common natural disaster across the U.S., claiming lives, damaging households and businesses, and straining government budgets for flood response and recovery. As severe weather events have spiked in recent decades, it is clear that the federal government must break the cycle of paying to rebuild properties in vulnerable areas that flood repeatedly. It can do so... Read More