Americans' quest for "a more perfect union" starts with safe, healthy communities. Developing policies that are firmly grounded in facts and research is critical to building a vibrant civic life.  Strong communities also require an understanding of our country’s history and immigration trends, participation in arts and culture, and concern for those who need a helping hand. These endeavors—all part of Pew’s mission—shape our national character, bring us together as a people, and help assure that our communities thrive.

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  • Inventing the Future

    • Podcast

    Researchers at Oxford University say 47 percent of jobs are at risk of being overtaken by robots in the next two decades. In this episode of After the Fact, host Dan LeDuc speaks with Brian David Johnson, futurist in residence at Arizona State University and contributor to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ Trend magazine. Johnson says that we can invent our futures but that to be successful we must keep... Read More

  • Fewer Summer Jobs Available for Teens in Philadelphia

    With the school year soon coming to a close, many teenagers will be looking for summer jobs. But if the recent past is any indication, they may have a hard time finding one. Read More

  • States Take the Lead on Juvenile Justice Reform

    Juveniles in the U.S. are much less likely to be arrested for violent crime and committed to state custody than they were 15 years ago. From 2001 to 2014, the juvenile violent crime arrest rate fell 46 percent and, over roughly the same period, the rate at which youths were sent to state-funded facilities dropped 53 percent. Read More