Lee CrocketLee Crockett's “Overfishing 101” blog provided an authoritative primer on federal fisheries policy. It also spotlighted historic milestones and celebrated success stories. His new series, “The Bottom Line,” will continue to explore fisheries management issues, while taking on other related subjects to provide a more in-depth look at the issues facing our ocean fish. With this blog, we hope to continue these informative discussions, cut through the rhetoric, and encourage more people to take an interest in ocean fish conservation.

The Bottom Line Series

  • Fishing Blind

    A recent move by New England ocean fisheries management officials to suspend monitoring of commercial fishing vessels is the latest sign of disarray in a program meant to provide reliable, independent information about fishing. A good monitoring system tracks the amount and types of fish taken from the water and also gathers information about the "bycatch," or nontarget animals killed by fishing.... Read More

  • Going To the Mat for Fish and Fishermen

    On one side: fish. On the other side: fishermen. In the middle: Zeke Grader. For more than four decades, the California-based fishing advocate has worked to find common ground between taking care of the environment and looking out for the needs of family fishermen. Read More

  • Fishery Management Proposal Threatens Healthy Oceans

    After decades of overfishing, many U.S. fish populations are finally rebounding to abundant levels. But a proposal from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Marine Fisheries Service could undercut gains made to date and threaten future progress toward fully sustainable U.S. fisheries. Read More


Dave Bard

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