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Election Data Dispatches provides data, research and analysis about election administration in the U.S. While we link to external research data and other materials, we neither independently verify them, endorse the reports, nor affirm the authors' opinions.

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Election Dispatches

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  • Ohio Funds Statewide Expansion of Electronic Poll Books

    Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has announced plans to provide $12.7 million in funding to counties for implementation of electronic poll books. E-poll books, which will replace the paper registries traditionally used when voters check in at polling places, are shown to reduce jurisdictions’ paper and personnel costs. Read More

  • 2 More States Offer Online Voter Registration

    Hawaii and Pennsylvania are the two most recent states to launch online voter registration systems, bringing the number of states that allow citizens to register to vote and update their registration entirely online to 23 plus the District of Columbia. Online registration services are convenient and efficient for voters, require less time and fewer resources, and result in fewer inaccuracies than... Read More

  • Recent Data Include Profiles of Polling Sites

    The most recent Election Administration and Voting Survey (EAVS), which was published by the Election Assistance Commission last month, includes updated information about the number and composition of polling places that were in operation throughout the United States during the 2014 general election. Read More

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