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Election Data Dispatches provides data, research and analysis about election administration in the U.S. While we link to external research data and other materials, we neither independently verify them, endorse the reports, nor affirm the authors' opinions.

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Election Dispatches

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  • Student Poll Workers Help Election Administration

    The Presidential Commission on Election Administration recommends that jurisdictions recruit student volunteers to address staffing shortages and operational inefficiencies on Election Day, and multiple jurisdictions have recently implemented student poll worker programs. According to the most recent Election Administration and Voting Survey, less than 10 percent of poll workers in the 2014... Read More

  • Virginia Launches Citizen Portal

    On Oct. 14, the Virginia Department of Elections launched an online “Citizen Portal,” a website that provides a single place where the public can interact and conduct transactions with government agencies. Read More

  • CA Updates Motor Voter Law to Automate Registration

    Last month, California finalized legislation to update its motor voter system—which allows voter registration at motor vehicle agency branches—to simultaneously register all eligible citizens who apply for driver’s licenses or state IDs, unless they opt out. The law goes into effect Jan. 1, and the system will probably become operational in 2017. Read More

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