L.A. County Planning a Streamlined Voting System

States and localities across the nation are re-evaluating and upgrading their elections technology. In Los Angeles County, officials are planning to introduce a new, innovative system to improve the voting experience and streamline Election Day administration. The impending launch is the culmination of a six-year project involving voter advocates and county election officials.

One feature of the new system is the option for voters to access and mark interactive sample versions of their ballots on their personal computers or mobile devices. Voters can take these sample ballots (which have unique bar codes) to the polls, where they can use touch-screen devices to scan the bar codes and retrieve their selections. The devices then direct voters to review screens, where they confirm and modify their selections as needed before printing and casting their official paper ballots. Voters who choose not to use the sample ballots can use the touch-screen devices to access their ballots and make their vote selections.

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Kelly Hoffman