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The Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, is a national initiative designed to promote the use of health impact assessments (HIAs) as a decision-making tool for policymakers.

Decision makers at all levels are using the fast-growing field of HIA to take health into account when making decisions in a broad range of sectors, including agriculture, education, energy and budgeting, in all types of locations--rural, suburban, and urban, local, regional or statewide. HIAs use a flexible, data-driven approach that identifies the health consequences of new policies and develops practical strategies to enhance their health benefits and minimize adverse effects.

HIA helps identify and address the health impacts of policies and decisions in non-health sectors, such as building a major roadway, planning a city’s growth, or developing agricultural policy. An HIA includes practical strategies to enhance their health benefits and minimize adverse effects. A strong HIA acknowledges the trade-offs and potential costs and benefits of various options.

Our Work

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  • Childhood Lead Exposure: Prevention and Response

    The crises in Flint, Michigan, and East Chicago, Indiana, and the surge of reports from other communities have brought renewed attention to the problem of childhood lead poisoning. Millions of children and expectant mothers may be exposed to unsafe levels of lead in their homes, neighborhoods, and schools. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as many as 37.1 million homes... Read More

  • Kids Score Skate Park Using Health Data

    To improve safety for skaters in their neighborhood, a coalition of San Diego kids lobbied hard for a new skate park, but they were having a hard time getting city officials to take them seriously. To convince decision-makers and skeptical community members, the coalition used data from a health impact assessment (HIA) to make their case. Read More

  • At Year’s End, HIA Project and Program Mark Accomplishments

    The end of 2016 marks the seventh anniversary of the Health Impact Project, which seeks to expand the consideration of health in proposals involving other sectors of the economy, such as transportation, housing, education, and energy. As the year draws to a close, so do a number of projects that our grantees began in 2014. Read More

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