Financial Security and Mobility

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Pew’s financial security and mobility project studies the financial well-being of American families and how their balance sheets relate to both short-term financial stability and longer-term economic mobility. The initiative builds on Pew research that shows savings and assets are key to moving up the economic ladder, both within a lifetime and across generations. The project strives to foster policy debate and action on how best to improve opportunity to ensure that the American Dream is within reach of everyone.

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Financial Security and Mobility Events

Pew’s financial security and mobility project hosts events to keep the media, policymakers, and...

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  • The State of the American Dream

    In this inaugural episode, host Dan LeDuc interviews Erin Currier, director of Pew’s financial security and mobility project, on the state of the American Dream and the financial well-being of American families. The conversation focuses on “data point 92”—the percentage of American families that are seeking financial security rather than economic mobility. Read More

  • How to Help Student Loan Borrowers Who Struggle to Repay

    Although education continues to be a key driver of financial security, student debt is a substantial liability for many Americans and a growing concern for policymakers at all levels of government. Many borrowers successfully repay their loans and reap the financial benefits of postsecondary education, but a significant share is struggling to meet these obligations: The Consumer Financial... Read More

  • An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving Family Financial Security and Mobility

    In the coming months, President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will present and refine its priorities for the next four years, recommending reforms for existing programs and outlining new policies. Recent research from The Pew Charitable Trusts has examined the health of American family finances, establishing an evidence base for the development of policies to improve the financial... Read More

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