Data as a Strategic Asset

State governments collect large amounts of data as they manage a wide range of public programs. Compiling data, however, is not the same as harnessing it. Pew’s research focuses on identifying the extent to which states are leveraging their data to inform policy, budgeting, and operational decision-making. Because the field is so new, no comprehensive source of information exists about how states are using data analytics to drive policy decisions and whether they face common challenges. As states consider how best to invest their resources, state leaders will benefit from research on how their counterparts across the country are using data as a strategic asset to make better decisions.

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  • Big Data is Big News

    Big data is now big news. To help tap the full potential of data, the Obama administration is investing more than $200 million in its Big Data Research and Development Initiative “to greatly improve the tools and techniques needed to access, organize, and glean discoveries from huge volumes of digital data.” Earlier this year, congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) – now the Speaker of... Read More

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