Data as a Strategic Asset

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State governments collect large amounts of data as they manage a wide range of public programs. Compiling data, however, is not the same as harnessing it. Pew’s research focuses on identifying the extent to which states are leveraging their data to inform policy, budgeting, and operational decision-making. Because the field is so new, no comprehensive source of information exists about how states are using data analytics to drive policy decisions and whether they face common challenges. As states consider how best to invest their resources, state leaders will benefit from research on how their counterparts across the country are using data as a strategic asset to make better decisions.

Our Work

  • What Do State Chief Data Officers Do?

    In 2017, Hurricane Harvey heaped destruction on the state of Texas. With maximum wind speeds clocked at nearly 135 miles per hour, and a record rainfall of more than 60 inches  that resulted in 3 to 4 feet of water flooding Houston’s metro area, the state is still recovering from the storm’s devastation.  Harvey is among the most expensive U.S. hurricanes on record. Read More

  • States Struggle to Leverage Data to Create Policy

    State governments strive to make decisions based on the best available evidence, so that they can spend taxpayer dollars in ways that achieve the best outcomes possible. Data analytics—collecting and analyzing information in order to draw insights from it—has the potential to transform government for the better, allowing leaders to make more informed decisions than ever before.  Read More

  • How States Use Data to Inform Decisions

    To effectively serve the public, state officials at every level of government are tasked with ensuring that thesedaily decisions are prudent and well-informed. Consequently, states are increasingly turning to administrativedata, or information—such as vital records, college enrollment data, and Medicaid utilization statistics,collected and maintained primarily for the routine management of... Read More

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