Clean Energy Initiative

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Accelerating clean energy solutions that improve the economy, national security and the environment

Energy is a key pillar of our lives–it runs our cars, charges our computers and powers our factories. Globally, energy use is expected to increase 35 percent over the next 25 years, driven almost entirely by demand due to increases in electricity use and vehicle fleets. The growing need for energy around the world is likely to make it an ever more precious commodity–forcing up prices and increasing global instability. Additionally, the world’s energy sector is responsible for approximately 70 percent of global carbon emissions, the direct cause of climate change.

A business-as-usual approach to energy policy threatens global economic competitiveness, national security and the environment. We must fundamentally transform the manner in which we produce, distribute and consume energy if we are to reduce dependence on foreign oil, create jobs, enhance global competitiveness and decrease carbon emissions.


Essential Step Toward Enacting Strong Truck Fuel Efficiency Standards Now Complete

On Oct. 1, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety...

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  • Protecting Biodiversity on a Changing Planet

    Science has shown that the warming of our planet is driving environmental change. But research, technical assistance, and advocacy can help safeguard the natural environment, encourage sustainable development and increase renewable energy. Read More

  • University Promotes Efficient New Power Systems in Michigan

    U.S. colleges and universities spend nearly $7 billion a year on utilities and energy costs, according to an article in University Business. As a result, large campus facilities are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency while saving money. As part of a nationwide effort to improve efficiency and reduce costs, some higher education institutions are acting as laboratories for research and... Read More

  • POWER Act Briefing

    The findings from Pew’s report Distributed Generation: Cleaner, Cheaper, Stronger—Industrial Efficiency in the Changing Utility Landscape, which detailed how an array of forces is changing the way the United States generates power and how Americans interact with the electric grid, were shared at a briefing on Capitol Hill on Oct. 28. The study also explored the impact of national... Read More

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