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Accelerating clean energy solutions that improve the economy, national security and the environment. 

Energy is a key pillar of our lives–it runs our cars, charges our computers and powers our factories. Globally, energy use is expected to increase 35 percent over the next 25 years, driven almost entirely by demand due to increases in electricity use and vehicle fleets. The growing need for energy around the world is likely to make it an ever more precious commodity–forcing up prices and increasing global instability. Additionally, the world’s energy sector is responsible for approximately 70 percent of global carbon emissions, the direct cause of climate change.

A business-as-usual approach to energy policy threatens global economic competitiveness, national security and the environment. We must fundamentally transform the manner in which we produce, distribute and consume energy if we are to reduce dependence on foreign oil, create jobs, enhance global competitiveness and decrease carbon emissions.

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  • Georgia Solar Energy Looks Bright

    Abundant solar and biomass resources, falling costs of materials, innovative research, and state policies have launched Georgia into the national spotlight as a clean energy leader. The state ranks No. 1 in the country in commercial timberland, making woody biomass a major component of its renewable energy sector. Its significant solar potential has been largely untapped until the past year. Read More

  • Georgia's Emerging Solar Industry Spurred by Policy

    Abundant biomass and solar resources, falling materials costs, and innovative research have launched Georgia into the national spotlight as a clean energy leader. State and federal policies have helped to make the Peach State the fastest-growing solar market in the country. Read More

  • Clean Economy Rising

    This collection of policy briefs examines state clean energy economies. The states selected have demonstrated leadership in clean energy policies, installations, and economies, or are at a crossroads in their energy futures. Read More

Congress: Please Extend Key Clean Energy Tax Incentives

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