Health Impact Assessment of the Cargo Atlanta Citywide Freight Study

Atlanta, Georgia
Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development

The Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development will conduct an HIA to inform and augment the Cargo Atlanta Citywide Freight Study, which is developing policies to facilitate efficient freight movement in and around the city. The HIA will consider the potential health implications of various policies, including diesel emissions, traffic patterns, and employment, which can affect respiratory and cardiovascular disease, injury rates, and general health.

Under the same grant, the center will collaborate with the Atlanta Regional Commission (the regional metropolitan planning authority) to establish a statewide framework for factoring health considerations into freight planning, with an emphasis on disproportionate impact on low-income communities and people of color. To encourage future use of the framework in public decision-making about freight, the center will provide technical assistance to university, government, and nonprofit entities and will pilot it in this and a second HIA to be conducted for the Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization Freight Transportation Plan.

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