The Business Incentives Initiative


The Business Incentives Initiative

Accurate data on the performance of economic development incentive programs could greatly improve decision-makers’ ability to craft policies that deliver the strongest results at the lowest possible cost.

Such data could also help answer the public’s demand for increased transparency and accountability. Unfortunately, no single source exists for states seeking the best methods for gathering and reporting incentive data.

To fill this gap, Pew is partnering with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness to launch an initiative that engages forward-thinking teams of economic development policymakers and practitioners from six states. These leaders will work together to:

  • Identify effective ways to manage and assess economic development incentive policies and practices.
  • Improve data collection and reporting on incentive investments.
  • Develop national standards and best practices that states can use to successfully gather and report data on economic development incentives.

Which states are participating?

  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Tennessee
  • Oklahoma
  • Virginia

Pew acknowledges the support of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation for this initiative, through an October 2013 grant.

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