Stephen C. Fehr

Stephen C. Fehr

  • Senior Officer
  • State Fiscal Health and Economic Growth,
  • The Pew Charitable Trusts


Stephen Fehr is a senior officer with Pew's state and local fiscal health initiative, which researches state budget issues and provides policy guidance to help policymakers manage finances through the turns in the economy.

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  • In Antarctica, Time Is Melting Away

    Increased commercial fishing, combined with rising temperatures and ocean acidification, is already affecting krill around the Antarctic Peninsula—prized by fishing fleets for animal feed and omega-3 supplements. Read More

  • Polls Show Strong Support for Voter Registration Reform

    In October, Pew released the results of eight state surveys—California, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas—of public opinion on election reform and election administration. In every state, strong majorities from both parties supported arguments in favor of interstate data-sharing to keep voter registration rolls accurate and up-to-date. Read More

  • Medical Device Registries

    Recent, high-profile device failures demonstrate the need for better information on the postapproval performance of medical devices used in clinical care. Medical device registries, which collect information on patients treated with specific products, are being used to solve this problem. Read More