Jianye Tang, Ph.D.


Jianye Tang, Ph.D.
National Engineering Research Center for Oceanic Fisheries and College of Marine Science
Shanghai Ocean University
[email protected]


Pew Marine Fellows 2017

Jianye Tang assess and shares information about the practices of multiple countries and international fisheries management organizations to help China strengthen its regulation of distant-water fisheries.

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Crafting a blueprint for enhancing the management of China’s distant-water fisheries

Jianye Tang, Ph.D., specializes in international fisheries law and policy. He is a member of the Chinese delegation to meetings regarding both Antarctic and Arctic marine living resources, and serves as an adviser on fisheries issues to Chinese agencies.

The number and capacity of China’s distant-water fishing fleets have grown dramatically to approximately 2,500 vessels, an increase of 61 percent over the past five years. The vessels operate either in areas under the national jurisdiction of coastal countries around the world or on the high seas, which are beyond national jurisdiction. Unfortunately, the Chinese government’s capacity to regulate its fishing industry has lagged far behind the fleet’s expansion, and consequently, concerns are growing about the potential for illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing practices.

Tang will use his Pew marine fellowship to conduct an assessment of the practices of multiple countries and relevant international fisheries management organizations to craft a blueprint that China could use to strengthen its regulation of distant-water fisheries. As part of his project, Tang will conduct a case study to shed light on the complicated challenges posed by China’s distant-water fisheries and explore the specific conservation measures to be recommended.

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