Conservation Canada


Conservation Canada
Canada contains much of the planet’s boreal forest—an ecosystem found only in high northern latitudes—as well as the world’s longest shoreline, which borders the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic oceans. With effective protections in place, Canada can emerge as a global leader in safeguarding nature and supporting Indigenous-led conservation.

Through the conservation Canada project, The Pew Charitable Trusts works with in-country organizations, Indigenous leaders, and policymakers to conserve ocean areas and the boreal forest, and to protect the health of marine and terrestrial habitats for the benefit of residents and others who depend on these ecosystems.

Pew also works alongside Indigenous communities, philanthropists, and other partners to advance conservation in Canada through the Enduring Earth collaboration, and supports Indigenous-led conservation efforts through the Blue Nature Alliance partnership. In addition, through Pew’s international fisheries and ocean governance projects, the organization is engaging with Canada as it works to protect rich and diverse global marine life.