One of World’s Largest Supermarket Chains Explains How Harvest Strategies Bring Stability to the Seafood Supply Chain

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Helena Delgado Nordmann is a responsible sourcing manager for the marine division at Tesco, one of the largest food retailers in the world. In this video, she speaks about the work supermarkets such as Tesco are undertaking to ensure that sustainable seafood is in stores around the world. As part of this work, retailers are calling for the immediate implementation of harvest strategies, a pre-agreed framework for making fisheries management decisions, including quota setting—and a key tool in achieving the healthy stocks required for a stable and secure market.


Global Fishing Stakeholders Call for Harvest Strategies

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Effective long-term management of the world’s fish stocks requires science, stakeholder engagement and advanced planning. An innovative approach known as harvest strategies combines those elements, providing fisheries managers a science-based framework for determining precautionary measures for fish stocks.