State-by-State: Industrial Energy Efficiency

State-by-State: Industrial Energy Efficiency

Note: This analysis has been updated. For the latest research on this topic, please see Industrial Efficiency in the States.

Energy Efficiency Repowers American Manufacturing

Combined heat and power (CHP) presents America's industrial sector with one of the most cost-effective, near-term solutions to reduce U.S. energy use and costs while promoting economic growth and addressing future energy needs. The United States already avoids more than 5 percent of the industrial sector's energy use by employing CHP.

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Alabama Kentucky Missouri Ohio
Arkansas Louisiana Montana Pennsylvania
California Maine Nevada South Carolina
Florida Massachusetts New Hampshire Tennessee
Georgia Michigan New Jersey Texas
Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Virginia
Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Wisconsin












*State and city CHP capacities are based on the best numbers available from the Department of Energy at the time of publication. All additions and retirements may not be reflected.

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