2020 Pew Marine Fellows to Work on Shark Protection, Aquaculture, and More

Other projects focus on coral reef restoration, fisheries management, and marine mammal conservation

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2020 Pew Marine Fellows to Work on Shark Protection, Aquaculture, and More
2020 Pew marine fellow Ana Martins Sequeira, above, is working on a system to identify global hot spots for large marine species and key threats to these animals as they move across and beyond national jurisdictions.
University of Western Australia

Eight marine scientists and conservationists from Australia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Kenya, and the United States have been named the 2020 recipients of the Pew fellowship in marine conservation.

The fellows will conduct research and develop tools to strengthen ocean conservation, with goals that include improving fisheries management, advancing sustainable aquaculture, protecting declining populations of sharks and other marine species, and fostering more effective restoration of coral reefs. This work is increasingly critical to support the sustainable management of the world’s oceans, which face mounting threats from climate change, development, overfishing, and pollution.

“The Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation supports high-quality research that brings new data, analyses, and innovations to marine conservation,” said Rebecca Goldburg, director of environmental research and science for The Pew Charitable Trusts.  “The program builds and fosters a global community of experts who learn from each other and work together to amplify the effects of their combined research efforts.” 

Following a rigorous nomination and review process, a committee of marine scientists and conservationists from around the world recommends fellows for the award based on the strengths of their proposed projects, including the potential to advance protection of ocean environments. Each of the selected individuals receives a three-year, $150,000 fellowship and access to a community of fellows and program alumni who share ideas, form collaborations, and gain professional skills and connections. Since the start of the program, 180 individuals from 39 countries have received fellowships.

A list of the 2020 recipients and their projects is available here.

Polita Glynn directs the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation for The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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The prestigious Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation is annually awarded to outstanding global leaders or teams who are working to preserve and protect the world's oceans and marine species.

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