The Voter Registration Deadline Is Approaching!

The Voter Registration Deadline Is Approaching!

In most states that do not allow Election Day registration, the deadline to get on the rolls is quickly approaching. Figuring out the rules in your local community can be tricky. 

States’ deadlines and requirements vary, including when their registration period closes, whether registrations must be received or postmarked by that date, and whether there is a grace period after the close date during which people can register in person at an election office.

Twenty states now offer online voter registration, and some have different deadlines for paper and online applications. 

In Utah, for example, paper registration forms must be postmarked 30 days before the election, but online forms can be submitted as late as seven days before the election. Nevada will accept online applications until 21 days before the election, but mailed applications must be postmarked 31 days before Election Day. 

Visit the National Association of Secretaries of State to find your state’s elections website and registration information. 

Pew’s previous research on voter registration trends found that registration applications increase dramatically in the month immediately before the registration deadline for a presidential election. This trend is visible, but much smaller, during federal midterm election years such as this one. 

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