Lawrence C. Kuo, Ph.D.

Lawrence Kuo
Senior Fellow and Head
Structural Biology
Welsh and McKean Road
City, State, ZIP
Spring House, PA 19477-0776
(215) 628-7850
[email protected]
Research field
Biochemistry; Biophysics
Award year


Lawrence leads a team of biochemists and biophysicists with a focus on the structure function relationship of proteins and their ligands. At Johnson & Johnson, Lawrence has successfully launched 3 initiatives in pre-competitive space — fragment-based lead discovery via crystallography, dynamic solution protein structures via NMR, and purified GPCR/membrane proteins for crystallography and as antigens — all are currently established internal platforms being applied to cross-site drug discovery programs for both small and biological molecules. Prior to joining Janssen, Lawrence led enzymology and structural biology at Merck's West Point campus charged to elucidate HIV-1 drug resistance (protease and reverse transcriptase) as a core member of two project teams that successfully launched Crixivan™ and Stocrin™.

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