Felicia C. Coleman, Ph.D.


Felicia C. Coleman, Ph.D.
Felicia Coleman
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Felicia Coleman served as a full reserach faculty member at Florida State University Coastal and Marine Laboratory before she retired in 2020. Her work centered on the effects of exploitation, management, and policy related to protogynous reef fishes, and on the same attributes related to oysters in the Apalachicola Bay System.

Coleman served on several committees and panels focused on protecting marine resources, including the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, The Tortugas 2000 Marine Reserve Working Group, and Lenfest’s Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Review, among others. She also served on three National Academy of Science panels: Marine Protected Areas (2001), Best Available Science in Fisheries (2004), and Sustainability of Field Stations & Marine Laboratories (2014). She is a Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation and an Aldo Leopold Conservation Fellow.

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