Tomasz Zylicz, Ph.D.


Tomasz Zylicz, Ph.D.
Tomasz Zylicz
Economics Department, Warsaw University
44/50 Dluga Street
City, ZIP
Warsaw, 00-241
[email protected]
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Environmental Policies for Economies in Transition

Zylicz used his Pew Fellowship to finance two major initiatives. Firstly, he conducted studies on the use of environmental policies to help countries with "economies in transition" to eliminate major threats to the integrity of ecosystems in a cost-effective way, in particular, how new policies can best serve the purpose of preserving biodiversity. Secondly, he supported environmental policy makers and local communities in biodiversity-rich areas of Poland and its neighboring countries to prepare action plans to protect and/or restore the stock of local natural capital.

Zylicz also established the Warsaw Ecological Economics Center where he provides fellowships to young professionals from Eastern Europe and coordinates projects aimed at identifying sustainable development alternatives for biodiversity-rich regions in Poland.


Tomasz Zylicz has identified and described economic pressures on the environment throughout Central and Eastern Europe while modelling the interactions of economic and ecological systems and designing important new environmental policies.

Prior to joining Warsaw University, Tomasz worked as the director of Economics in Poland's first post-communist Ministry of Environment. A large portion of his responsibilities included communication strategies for public discourse and citizen participation in environmental policy issues. He represented Poland at public hearings and fostered ongoing community input.

In his current position, Tomasz continues to assist local communities and environmental policy makers in their efforts to prepare action plans to protect and/or restore biodiversity and essential habitats.



Ph.D., Warsaw University
1979: Economics, Poland

Master of Arts, Warsaw University
1977: Mathematics, Poland

Bachelor of Arts, Warsaw University
1974: Economics, Poland


European Commission, European Consultative Forum on the Environment and Sustainable Development
1998-Present: Member

Government of Poland, Ministry of Environment
1991-Present: Advisor to the Minister

Environmental and Resource Economics
1991-Present: Editorial Board Member

Ecological Economics
1989-Present: Editorial Board Member


Marine Fellow
1993: Pew Fellows Program in Conservation and the Environment

Polish State Award

Award for Teaching Achievements
Warsaw University


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