Johanna H. Wald, J.D.


Johanna H. Wald, J.D.
Johanna Wald
Senior Attorney
Natural Resources Defense Council
71 Stevenson Street, Suite 1825
City, State, ZIP
San Francisco, California 94105
[email protected]
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Wald used her fellowship to defend public lands against attacks mounted by the leaders of the 104th Congress. Her strategies included publication of the article "Selling Our Heritage—Congressional Plans for America's Public Lands", of which she was principal author. She also devoted considerable time to exploring the possibilities of using market principles combined with rigorous environmental standards to form the basis for a new management paradigm for federal rangelands. Wald co-authored several op-ed pieces on this topic and began outreach and constituency building. In addition, she led a group of colleagues from three other environmental organizations along with several advocates of market solutions for environmental conflicts in an effort to identify the fundamental concepts of a new public rangeland policy. This policy will ensure that the resources of public rangelands are protected while simultaneously accommodating market principles.


Johanna Wald's primary area of expertise is federal land and resource management. She is a senior attorney at NRDC and the Land Program Director, working on issues involving biological diversity, endangered species and protection of natural values. Wald has sought to conserve biologically important and imperiled species through legal advocacy and is striving to develop a new framework for managing federal lands that reflects current scientific knowledge and remedies the legal and operational inadequacies of present laws. She is also engaged in promoting the values of federal lands and ensuring the long term preservation of the public land system.


Natural Resources Defense Council



J.D., Yale Law School
1967: Law, Connecticut, USA

Bachelor of Arts, Cornell University
1963: History, New York, USA


National Academy of Sciences
1989-Present: Committee on Rangeland Classification


Marine Fellow
1993: Pew Fellows Program in Conservation and the Environment

National Conservation Achievement Award
1992: National Wildlife Federation

Special Achievement Award
1985: Idaho Wildlife Federation


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