Ending Overfishing in the U.S. South Atlantic: Sustainable Fishing Today for Healthier Fisheries Tomorrow

Ending Overfishing in the U.S. South Atlantic

Fish filled the seas 500 million years ago in a burst of new life on Earth. Ever since, they have kept the ocean ecosystem delicately balanced, fed people, supported a critical industry and brought recreation to millions who enjoy fishing, diving and boating.

Yet today, fish are disappearing at an alarming rate.

The South Atlantic coastal region boasts a complex ecosystem of estuaries, coral gardens, deepwater canyons and shallow tropical waters. These environmental jewels draw divers, anglers and tourists from around the world who expect healthy waters and robust fish populations. Chronic overfishing has put all of this at risk. Many of this region's fish live long—some for decades—but they are snapped up before reaching their best spawning years. Like an orchard harvested before its fruit is ripened, overfishing is destroying what takes years to nurture.

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