Solving the Antibiotic Resistance Rubiks Cube

Solving the Antibiotic Resistance Rubiks Cube

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Antibiotic resistance is complicated. We tend to think of it as a puzzle, where one piece or move can solve the problem. But it’s not that simple.

Meanwhile, antibiotic-resistant bacteria pose a serious and growing threat.

These are superbugs that people die from,” says Erin Duffy, chief scientific officer of Melinta Therapeutics. “We're not going to solve the antibiotic resistance problem with the introduction of the next new antibiotic.” We’re going to need sustained commitment, flexibility, enthusiasm and passion to really make a difference. 

In this video, Erin Duffy explains how information sharing can help researchers with antibiotic discovery—and why we need a holistic approach to build a new generation of antibiotics for the future.

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