Tentacles in Darkness: New Life Found Off Patagonia

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Tentacles in Darkness: New Life Found Off Patagonia

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We know more about outer space than we do our own oceans," says scientist Vreni Haussermann. She's discovered a place in the Pacific where she says "tentacles reach out from the darkness" and where deep ocean life thrives at the surface. http://www.pewtrusts.org/oceanscience

See what it's like in the cold Chilean fjords in this colorful new video short, part of a new series by The Pew Charitable Trusts. 

Patagonia is Chile's most famous region, but its 80,000 kilometers of coastline remains largely unexplored. When scientist Vreni Haussermann first dove into the fjords, she soon discovered the frigid water is teeming with life -- another world, right here on Earth.

Hausermann is a Pew marine fellow and director of the Huinay Scientific Field Station in Chile. She organizes and leads scuba expeditions to remote areas of the Chilean fjord region, which led to the discovery of dozens of new bottom dwelling species and entire new marine communities.

But beyond the excitement, her discoveries in the Patagonian fjords are uncovering new knowledge about our oceans, and illustrating the important connection between land and sea.

Learn more about the discoveries taking place in Chile's fjords here: http://www.patagoniamarina.info/ 

Learn more about Vreni Haussermann's Pew marine fellowship: http://www.pewenvironment.org/researc...