Votes Count: Legislative Action on Pre-K Fiscal Year 2011

Votes Count: Legislative Action on Pre-K Fiscal Year 2011

Despite persistent budget shortfalls, leaders of both parties in a majority of states supported high-quality pre-kindergarten investments in FY1, according to Votes Count, an analysis of voluntary state pre-k programs by Pre-K Now. The 50-state analysis found that funding increased just over one percent, to $5.4 billion.

Votes Count reviews fiscal year 2011 funding and legislative action on pre-kindergarten programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Read the full report online at
Key Findings

  • $5.4 billion in total state funding will support pre-k programs in FY11
  • 15 states and the District of Columbia increased their pre-k funding
  • 11 states flat funded their pre-k budgets
  •  10 states decreased their pre-k funding by approximately $32 million
  • 10 states do not have state pre-k programs

The report also finds that states that used school funding formulas to support pre-k were more likely to maintain and even grow early education investments than states that did not use the school funding formula.

Federal Funds Can Help Expand Pre-K

In this economic downturn, states are finding creative ways to use federal funds for early learning, even when those resources are not dedicated specifically to state pre-k. "Votes Count" shows how federal funds can encourage new state investments in pre-k education which helps establish a strong foundation for student achievement and build the effective research-based education system our nation need to compete in the global economy.

Visit the Pre-K Now Web site for access to the full report.