Wakey Wakey Wakey - Kermadec

Art across the pacific

From Rapa Nui to the Kermadecs and Chile to New Zealand, we all embrace the Pacific; its waves crash against our shores, bringing with them life from one end of the ocean to the other. In its journey across the sea, ‘Kermadec’ inspires us to contemplate the depths of life and mystery dwelling in these vast waters. By exploring the wonders of the ocean, ‘Kermadec’ challenges us to look beyond the surface, to take pride in the Pacific connection, and to appreciate our shared responsibility to protect it.

Both the Kermadecs and Rapa Nui are exceptional not only for their cultural heritage, but also for their unique marine life and habitats. Each one is home to a vibrant array of biodiversity of whales, turtles, sharks, seabirds, and fish as well as fascinating geological features—like underwater volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and a deepsea trench—many of which remain unexplored.