Why Participate in the OregonSaves Employer Survey?

Q&A with John Scott, director of Pew’s retirement savings project

Why Participate in the OregonSaves Employer Survey?

The Pew Charitable Trusts’ retirement savings project is conducting an OregonSaves employer survey, a poll of decision-makers at small to midsize private sector enterprises that are participating in the OregonSaves retirement program. John Scott, the Pew project director, answers questions about the effort. 

What is the OregonSaves employer survey?

The OregonSaves employer survey is designed to collect information from businesses registered with the OregonSaves retirement program about what they see as the advantages and challenges of participating in the program.

What sorts of questions are asked?

In addition to general information about the business, such as the industry and the number of employees, the survey seeks to gather information about the employer’s experience registering with and using OregonSaves.

If a company is not participating in OregonSaves, will it be included?

No. We are conducting interviews only with businesses that are registered with OregonSaves.

How long will the survey take to complete?

For most people, the survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

How did Pew get my email address?

Our sample was obtained from a list of businesses maintained by the OregonSaves program administrator. Study participants are contacted using the email address on file with the program administrator.

Why should I participate?

Pew is studying businesses’ perceptions of their experience with OregonSaves. Your answers can assist in making improvements to the program. In addition, policymakers around the country are considering proposals similar to OregonSaves aimed at increasing access to retirement plans. It is important for business owners to be part of that discussion. The greater the participation in the study, the more accurate the results will be. If too few people take part, the data will be less reliable. We would like your help to make the survey as accurate as possible.

Is this information confidential?

Yes. We will not report individual names of organizations or employees or any associated addresses or telephone numbers. All the information provided will be combined with other responses and reported only in the aggregate without any personal identifying information.