Midterm Outlook: What’s on the Minds of Voters?

Episode 41

Midterm Outlook: What’s on the Minds of Voters?

Stat: 61 percent. That’s how many voters say they’re enthusiastic about voting in November.

Story: Traditionally, voters don’t flock to the polls for the midterm elections. But this year, the Pew Research Center has found that voters are more enthusiastic about voting than at any point during midterms in the past two decades. Why is that and what’s on voters’ minds? In this episode, Dan LeDuc talks with the center’s director of political research, Carroll Doherty, who will share his insights from the polling data. (News clips used with permission from PBS NewsHour, NPR, and Voice of America.)

"This is a high engagement, high enthusiasm election."

Carroll Doherty, director, political research The Pew Research Center

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