Orange County, California, Releases Customer Service Data

Orange County, California, Releases Customer Service Data

In early March, the Orange County Registrar of Voters, which serves the nation’s sixth-most populous county, released its Election Survey Report, including results from 11 surveys conducted during the 2014 general election. Comparative data are now available for nine statewide general elections going back to 2009, allowing the county to measure its performance over time. Last year’s surveys captured feedback from poll workers and voters.

The results show that the registrar’s work was well-regarded and provided a high quality of service in 2014 in several key areas:

  • The quality of communication with the registrar’s office was rated excellent or very good by 78 percent of poll workers.
  • 96 percent of voters who called the registrar’s phone bank for elections assistance before Election Day said the overall quality of service provided by the office was excellent or very good.
  • 96 percent of poll workers reported the office’s quality of service to be excellent or good.

The registrar uses this information to monitor and evaluate how it administers elections and to identify areas for future improvement.

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