State Implications of Federal Corporate Tax Reform

State Implications of Federal Corporate Tax Reform

As federal policymakers consider corporate tax reform, it is important to understand how proposed changes might affect state tax revenue and how that impact could interact with federal policy goals.

On July 10 in the Senate Russell Office Building, The Pew Charitable Trusts sponsored a panel discussion with tax policy experts that explored:

  • How state tax systems are linked to the federal corporate income tax. 
  • How federal changes can directly affect state revenue, and how the impact can vary across the states.
  • Whether the effect of federal changes on states might complement or contradict federal policy goals.

The panel was moderated by Kasia O’Neill Murray, manager of Pew’s fiscal federalism initiative, and featured remarks from three experts on federal and state corporate taxation:

Douglas Lindholm
President and executive director, Council on State Taxation

Martin Sullivan
Chief economist, Tax Analysts

Michael Mazerov
Senior fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

For more information about Pew’s work on federal-state tax connections, please visit our project page.