Election Tech Tuesday The District of Colombia Releases Mobile App

Election Tech Tuesday The District of Colombia Releases Mobile App

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The District of Columbia Board of Elections recently launched a mobile application, DCBOE VOTE, available at VOTE4DC. The app, which runs on Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems, provides election information to city residents and to military and overseas citizens registered in the district.

Using the app, district residents can access their registration status or a registration application, look up their polling places and get directions, and find ballot information. Military and overseas voters can obtain their ballots and submit federal postcard applications, which allow them to register and request absentee ballots.

DCBOE VOTE also offers customized alerts so that users can stay informed about upcoming elections. The app is free, and although options such as registering to vote and requesting an absentee ballot require personal data, no identifiable information is necessary for the basic functionality of the application.

VOTE4DC.com also offers a Web-based platform that users can access from any computer.

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