Spotlight On: 'This American Land'

For the third consecutive year, The Pew Charitable Trusts is partnering with “This American Land,” a series airing on public television stations around the country, to showcase important environmental issues. And again, the program is taking a look inside local efforts to protect public lands through congressional or administrative action.

“This American Land” places viewers on the ground in some of the most stunning landscapes imaginable and introduces them to the passionate advocates who have developed a relationship with the land and whose efforts will ensure that future generations have the same opportunity to explore and enjoy these wild areas.

During the next two seasons, the program will feature eight public land protection segments—Season 3, which is airing now, features five segments, and Season 4, which premiers in the spring, features three. Each spotlights a place Pew is working to protect, except in the case of the Linville Gorge in western North Carolina, which was one of the first Forest Service primitive areas designated wilderness when the Act became law in September 1964.

The third season will take viewers to three areas that local residents are working to safeguard: the San Gabriel Mountains abutting the foothill communities north of Los Angeles; the Monongahela National Forest in southeastern West Virginia; and the Hermosa Creek Watershed north of Durango, CO. Two other shows will examine Brokeoff Mountain in southeastern New Mexico, and Emigrant Peak/Volcanic Hills in central Nevada, areas that are currently undergoing planning review by the Bureau of Land Management, which provides local residents the opportunity to make their voices heard about why these special areas should be protected.

Season 4 will feature southeastern Oregon's Owyhee Canyon lands and the Wild Olympics near Seattle, in addition to special recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

“This American Land” is broadcast in most TV markets nationwide. But if you just can't wait for it to be shown in your area, we've arranged a sneak peak of one of the segments airing during Season 3.

We'll soon have all the public lands segments available at this YouTube playlist.

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