Supermoms Against Superbugs Digital Action Kit

Supermoms Against Superbugs Digital Action Kit

Couldn’t make it to Washington for Supermoms Against Superbugs Advocacy Day? Don’t worry — there are still many ways you can get involved!

Sign Our Petitions

  • Sign a petition calling on President Obama, his administration and Congress to stop antibiotic overuse on industrial farms. The supermoms and superdads will hand-deliver these petitions to the administration and Congresson April 16.

Make a Call

Please call your senators and representative and tell them that this issue is very important to you and ask them to support policies to collect more data on how antibiotics are being used for food animal production. Look up the phone number of your representatives in Congress.

Sample Script:

I am calling to leave a message for <SENATOR or REPRESENTATIVE>. I am very concerned about the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms and how this practice is breeding dangerous superbugs that can infect me and my family. We need to take immediate action to stop this practice, and a great first step would be to collect detailed data on how antibiotics are being used for food animal production. This information will allow public health officials to have a complete understanding of the scope of the problem. The public has the right to know how its food is raised. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about Supermoms Against Superbugs and why it’s so important to rein in the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms. The special interests defending these practices are very powerful, and we need support from as many people as possible to ensure our message is heard.

Sample Facebook Posts: Share on Facebook

On April 16, supermoms and superdads hand delivered a petition to Congress and the Obama administration calling for immediate action to curb the overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms — practices that breed dangerous superbugs. Stand with these supermoms and superdads by signing the petition:

Did you know 80 percent of all U.S. antibiotics are sold for use in livestock? Most often, these drugs are administered simply to compensate for unsanitary conditions and to speed up animal growth. These practices breed superbugs that can infect people. Join Supermoms Against Superbugs to call for action:

Sample Tweets: Share on Twitter

Take a stand for public health; join #Supermoms Against #Superbugs: #SaveABX

Overuse of antibiotics on industrial farms creates dangerous #superbugs that can infect us. Take a stand today! #SaveABX


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Who's hogging our antibiotics? It's not chicken feed. Human antibiotics.
Useless? Drug dependent. No prescription needed.