Spotlight On: 15 Great Wilderness Advocates

Spotlight On: 15 Great Wilderness Advocates

The 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act is just over 9 months away. The year leading up to this important milestone offers a great opportunity to commemorate one of our nation's most successful legislative achievements, reflect on the beautiful places that are part of the National Wilderness Preservation System, and celebrate the many people who are working to add even more land.

Since September, Pew has highlighted 15 great wilderness advocates who have eloquently reminded us of some of the reasons we care about our public lands.

Fifty years of the Wilderness Act: Protecting America's common ground.

Each week until the 50th anniversary on Sept. 3, 2014, we will give another person a chance to describe what wilderness means to them.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about why wild places are worth protecting. Attach a photo, and send your thoughts to [email protected], and you may be selected as one of the next “voices for wilderness.”

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