2012 Election Snapshot: Michigan

2012 Election Snapshots

Over the past several months, Pew collected data about the 2012 presidential election from nearly every state and the District of Columbia. We used the findings to create a snapshot of each jurisdiction, focusing on how many people voted, how long they waited to cast their ballots, how they cast them, and how many ballots were not counted. These snapshots will be released over the coming months, five at a time, and the Election Data Dispatches will take a closer look at the latest snapshots each week.

2012 Election Snapshot 8-29-13Michigan

In 2012, as in 2008, a small number of provisional ballots were issued in Michigan—2,675 out of almost 4.8 million total ballots cast in the state. And although Michigan voters are required to show photo ID at the polls, those who do not have correct identification can sign an affidavit attesting to their identity and then cast a regular ballot. In 2012, more than 12,000 ballots were cast by voters who signed affidavits.