New Hampshire Voter ID

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In New Hampshire’s September primary election, approximately 7 percent of voters in Nashua did not show or have photo identification as required by a new state law. During that primary, voters could still cast a ballot with no further action required. This past November, however, voters who did not have ID were required to sign an affidavit in order to cast a ballot.

Based on the September numbers, some were worried that as many as 50,000 voters statewide would not have or not show ID during the November election and would have to sign affidavits. It turns out far fewer did. The secretary of state’s office estimates only about 1 percent of voters did not have or show the required ID on Election Day.

There is still work to be done, however, related to the new law. Within 60 days of the election, the state must contact each voter who signed an affidavit to verify his or her identity, estimated to be about 7,000 people.