Election Fraud

A new database from News21 provides an extensive examination of election fraud cases in all 50 states and the District of Columbia since 2000, allowing users to sort by state, year, and type of election fraud accusation. In developing the database News 21 reporters searched public records and sent thousands of requests to state elections officials asking for cases of various kinds of election fraud including voter registration fraud, absentee ballot fraud, vote buying, false election counts, campaign fraud, casting an ineligible vote, voting twice, voter impersonation fraud, and intimidation.

So far, this research has found 2,068 cases of election fraud. The top-two most common types of accusations are absentee ballot fraud at 23.7 percent and voter registration fraud at 19.3 percent. The remaining 57 percent comprise a variety of types, including non-citizens casting ineligible ballots, making up 2.7 percent of the accusations, and the 10 cases of voter impersonation fraud, comprising 0.5 percent of the accusations, among others.