Cutting Election Mailings to Save Money

Cutting Election Mailings to Save Money

Election jurisdictions on different coasts are using the same approach to save money during these fiscally challenging times—getting rid of certain mailings to voters. For its June 26 primary, the New York City Board of Elections saved nearly $2 million by not sending a mailer reminding voters about the election. Recent estimates pegged the overall cost of the primary for the city at approximately $23 million. 

Out West, the State of Washington will save about $1 million by not printing a voter’s guide for the state’s August primary. Yakima County will also not print its own voter pamphlet.

"We've been talking about this for years, and we've hung on as long as we can. It's just not cost-effective,” said Corky Mattingly, Yakima County auditor.

There was no analysis of any potential negative impacts of not doing these mailings.

In both New York and Washington, election officials note that complete voter and election information is available online.