A Climate Patriot Fights for Clean Energy

A Climate Patriot Fights for Clean Energy

A veteran of two wars, former secretary of the Navy, and former five-term U.S. senator, John Warner is now a champion of clean energy. Sen. Warner has visited 27 cities in 16 states since 2009 to address the public, engage the media, and meet with local policymakers on this important issue. On behalf of the Pew Project on National Security, Energy, and Climate, Sen. Warner has been a vocal advocate for the national security benefits of investing in clean energy technology.

“Throughout my career, I have worked on behalf of the military and have seen firsthand the ingenuity and commitment of our uniformed men and women, and their civilian counterparts working with them, to meet America's challenges,” said Warner. “The United States military acknowledges that America's dependence on foreign oil is costly, and the essential energy requirements of troop deployments add to those costs and, in certain situations, add personal risks to the mission.”

The Pew Project works to advance solutions to protect our national security, increase our energy independence, accelerate clean energy innovation, and preserve our nation's natural resources. To accomplish these goals, the Project works with state municipal governments, local and state organizations, military and security experts, and industry representatives in select U.S. cities and states to highlight the energy-security connection. It also conducts research on the important role the Pentagon plays in helping our nation to become less reliant on foreign oil.

"Today, our uniformed men and women and their civilian counterparts are committed to transforming the way the Defense Department uses energy through efficiency and technology development," Warner said. "Their accomplishments and innovations are enhancing our national, economic, and environmental security."

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