Preventing Ocean Plastics


Meet the Team

Selene Álvarez Peña Senior Associate

Selene Álvarez Peña works on Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project, where she is focused on helping to design policies to tackle microplastic pollution. Before joining Pew, Álvarez Peña worked with the European Marine Observation and Data Network at the European Commission and on policy and partnerships at the Brussels liaison office to the European Union in the United Nations Environment Programme. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marine sciences from Universidade de Vigo and a master’s in marine and lacustrine sciences and management from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Sarah Baulch Officer

Sarah Baulch leads the technical team with Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project, focusing on helping to develop strategies to reduce the threat to marine life, coastlines, and local communities from global plastic pollution.

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Ernesto Fernández Monge Senior Officer

Ernesto Fernández Monge works with Pew’s conservation support team, providing expertise on the link between trade and environment, particularly on plastic throughout the value chain and subsidies harmful to the environment.

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Reyna Gilbert Principal Associate

Reyna Gilbert supports Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project, including assessing plastic value chains for countries and helping design national policies that reduce plastic pollution in the environment.

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Isabel Jarrett Senior Manager

Isabel Jarrett leads the international policy reform work to reduce plastic pollution with Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project.

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Megan Jungwiwattanaporn Officer

Megan Jungwiwattanaporn supports Pew’s crosscutting environmental policy team, providing expertise and coordination to advance Pew’s engagement in multilateral forums, including the United Nations, World Trade Organization, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and International Seabed Authority.

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Winnie Lau, Ph.D. Project Director

Winnie Lau directs Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project, which aims to implement science- and evidence-based solutions and policies to reduce the global plastic pollution problem.

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Keith Lawrence Project Director

Keith Lawrence leads a team of Pew experts on conservation finance, climate mitigation and adaptation, and economic approaches to conservation. Lawrence also provides guidance to several Pew projects, such as preventing ocean plastics and protecting coastal wetlands and coral reefs.

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KerriLynn Miller Manager

KerriLynn Miller leads the country-level work to develop national plans and policies to reduce plastic pollution and supports crosscutting topics on Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project.

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Leah Mupas Segui, Ph.D. Principal Associate

Leah Mupas Segui supports Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project. She provides technical expertise and coordinates international collaborations to advance the project’s goal of developing enforceable policies that will reduce the amount of plastic waste entering marine waters.

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Jim Palardy, Ph.D. Project Director

Jim Palardy leads Pew’s work to identify research, data, policies and other types of knowledge that can help ensure the integrity of Pew’s environmental programs. This work includes developing new conservation projects and supporting ongoing environmental efforts with the goal of uncovering emerging science that can inform evidence-based policy recommendations.

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Simon Reddy Director

Simon Reddy directs two Pew initiatives: the preventing ocean plastics project, which aims to propose strategies to reduce the global ocean plastic pollution problem, and the protecting coastal wetlands and coral reefs project.

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Natacha Tullis Officer

Natacha Tullis leads Pew’s efforts to advance European Union legislation to curb microplastic pollution with Pew’s preventing ocean plastics project.

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