Jeffrey Moffitt, Ph.D.


Jeffrey Moffitt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
200 Longwood Ave.
Warren Alpert Building, Room 149E
City, State, ZIP
Boston, MA 02115
[email protected]
Research field
Systems Biology; Microbiology
Award year


The Moffitt lab develops state-of-the-art multiplexed imaging methods for in situ, single-cell transcriptomics anduses these methods to discover and map cell types in a wide range of tissues. In particular, our laboratory will use these methods to map the interactions that take place between intestinal microbes and their host. The mammalian gut supports a diverse community of bacterial species that together modulate the absorption of nutrients and metabolism of their host. However, the identity of the cells involved in this microbial/host interface—and the molecular means by which they interact—are not well understood. Using our cutting-edge spatial “omics” techniques in combination with a range of established methods, our group will identify and detail the spatial distribution of different bacterial species in the mouse intestine, catalog their metabolic activities, and determine local production of host-relevant metabolic byproducts. In parallel, we will characterize and map the distribution of the sensory cells in the gut that recognize these microbial signals. This work will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the role that the microbiome plays in human health and could lead to novel treatments for conditions in which these interactions are perturbed, such as inflammatory bowel disease.

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