Roy M. Long, Ph.D.


Roy M. Long, Ph.D.
Roy Long
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Road
P.O. Box 26509
City, State, ZIP
Milwaukee, WI 53226-0509
(414) 955-8423
[email protected]
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Using genetic, biochemical and cell biological approaches in the yeast S. cerevisiae, my laboratory is interested in studying mechanistic details of RNA localization, a process which post-transcriptionally regulates gene expression. In yeast ASH1 mRNA is localized to the distal end of the daughter cell during anaphase of the cell cycle, resulting in the exclusive deposition of Ash1p in daughter nuclei. Ash1p is a transcriptional repressor, and asymmetric sorting of Ash1p results in asymmetric regulation of transcriptionIt has been shown that the asymmetric segregation of specific mRNA molecules is imperative for normal development of higher eukaryotic organisms. The mechanisms controlling mRNA transport and localization remain elusive. However, many of the mechanisms controlling other aspects of gene expression such as transcription, translation and splicing, are highly conserved from yeast to man. Consequently, we expect that the mechanisms regulating mRNA localization will also be conserved from yeast to higher eukaryotes. With the power of yeast genetics, we are poised to make significant progress in dissecting the mechanisms controlling mRNA localization.

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