Stan Shea, M.Phil.


Stan Shea, M.Phil.

Connecting people with science: 114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey

Positioned between temperate and tropical areas of the South China Sea, Hong Kong’s waters harbor rich marine biodiversity, including nearly 400 species of reef fish. These fish populations are largely unmanaged and are little known by the city’s inhabitants. In 2014, a citizen science program called the 114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey was developed to engage recreational divers in a long-term monitoring effort to collect data about these reef fish and stimulate interest in conserving them.

Stan Shea will conduct the first in-depth analysis of the 10-year data set collected through the survey, producing insights about the population health of Hong Kong’s reef fish, impacts from climate change, and key habitat areas for species that should be prioritized for conservation. He will recruit and train volunteer divers for the survey program through annual workshops, continuing and expanding the long-term data set. Shea will communicate the findings from his analyses to decision-makers, stakeholders, and the public to inform more effective management of Hong Kong’s reef fish—including recommendations for the design and location of new marine protected areas to support conservation of important habitats and threatened or commercially valuable species.

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Photo credit: Taimonsing Lee
Between a blurred background and foreground, two people in wetsuits come into sharp focus, standing next to a line of tall silver scuba tanks that each have small, bright orange numbers painted on one side.
Stan Shea (right) and BLOOM Association Hong Kong marine program manager Kathleen Ho prepare for a survey dive in the waters off Hong Kong.
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