Dra. Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo


Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo works for the Departamento de Conservación de la Biodiversidad and El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Mexico. She designs, applies, and evaluates models for sustainable use of marine resources in rural coastal communities in Mexico and elsewhere. Sáenz-Arroyo’s Pew fellowship project focused on gathering success stories of coastal societies and engaging global stakeholders in a better understanding the shared benefits of these conservation efforts. She focused on the developing strategies that contribute to the recognition that, as co-beneficiaries of a healthy marine ecosystem, local communities and global stakeholders share responsibility for preserving an asset that belongs to all of us. Sáenz-Arroyo has worked on conservation projects in Mexico and has witnessed impressive examples of community stewardship. Her experience in Mexico has taught her that there are five essential elements that support a strong conservation attitude. As part of her project, she documented a set of success stories in community stewardship in Mexico and other countries. She found common factors and paths to replicate them all over the world, and she organized workshops with key members of the communities, international foundations interested in encouraging payment plans for environmental services in the oceans, ocean experts, and financial advisors. To learn more about Sáenz-Arroyo, visit her bio online: http://ecosu.academia.edu/AndreaS%C3%A1enzArroyo.

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